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A Guide to Cleaning Outdoor Spaces for End of Tenancy

When moving out of a rental property, ensuring that outdoor spaces are clean and well-maintained is just as important as the interior. We cover all the information you need on cleaning outdoor spaces for the end of the tenancy in this guide. Let’s get started on this cleaning adventure together!

A Guide to Cleaning Outdoor Spaces for End of Tenancy



When preparing to leave a rental property, it’s essential to pay attention to the outdoor areas, as they are often the first impression for prospective tenants. Start by removing away any rubbish or clutter from the patio or deck. If there’s a shed, make sure it’s neat and maintained well. Sweep leaves and other debris from the spot, and use an intense hose to remove the surface of dirt and grime altogether. By paying close attention to information, you can make sure that the exterior areas are maintained and appear welcoming for future tenants.

Garden/Outdoor Area

Start by mowing the lawn to a standard height using a lawnmower. Next, use hedge trimming tools to clean up the looks of bushes and hedges. Next, trim bushes and hedges to tidy up their appearance with hedge trimmers. Weed flower beds by hand or with a gardening tool to clear any unwanted growth. Lastly, clear out dead plants and debris to leave the garden looking neat and cared for, meeting the requirements for the end of the tenancy.

Outdoor Fixtures

Begin by cleaning light fixtures and removing dirt to ensure they’re functional. Next, check and clear gutters of any debris to maintain proper drainage. Finally, fences and gates for damage, such as loose panels or hinges, must be inspected, and repairs must be made to leave the outdoor area in good condition.

Garage/Storage Areas

Garage/Storage Areas

While leaving a rental property, it’s essential to clean and organize the garage or storage areas properly. Get started by decluttering and removing any items you no longer need. Arrange the rest of the things neatly to create a spacious and tidy look. Then, sweep or vacuum the floors and surfaces to remove any dust, dirt, or debris. Finally, make sure the space is neat and set up for the next tenant by disposing of any surplus items in accordance with local waste management regulations.

General Maintenance

Taking care of general maintenance desires is essential as you get ready to vacate your rental property. Make sure the pipes, fittings, and outdoor faucets are in good condition by inspecting them for damage or leakage. Check that all outdoor appliances, such as lawn mowers and grills, are operating correctly by giving them a test. Lastly, properly dispose of any garbage or recyclables by putting them in the appropriate bins or transporting them to a recycling facility.


In conclusion, cleaning and maintaining outdoor spaces are crucial aspects of preparing to move out of a rental property. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you may guarantee that the external areas are clean, neat, and great for the upcoming tenants. Taking the time to clean and maintain the outdoors helps ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved. If it looks hard to clean the outdoor spaces on your own, then consider the best End of Tenancy Cleaning Service in London.


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